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8 years ago
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Automatically logging defects to JIRA



Though TestComplete provided integration with JIRA,we have to manually log defect for each failed item from Testcomplete.


As a work around currently i have created a DLL using JIRA REST API and integrated it with test complete to log a new defect in JIRA when a test item fails and also link it to required JIRA test case.(Plus add the logs)


Can we have a mechanism to automatically log bugs to JIRA,say a setting in Project properties with option "YES" or "NO" if we want to log the defects in JIRA for failed items when test suite stops.

If a test fails,rerun it and if it fails again log a defect in JIRA.







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    I would also like to up vote this, i feel like it is definitely a necessity for an automated test tool

  • As an addition to this request, it will be good if we can control/update test case and test cycle information.

    We have currently created a DLL file with all JIRA and Zephyr management and integrated it with Testcomplete.

    But it can help if this functionality is provided by Smartbear.