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7 years ago
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Allow test items that are in a group to fail the group.

Test groups are great for grouping test items that depend on each other for them to work. However if one of the test items in the group fails the entire group should fail and the test should move on to the next group.


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    I have test items in 'batches' too and this would be helpful to me. It would allow me to disable 'Stop on error' and then skip to the next test item batch or group after an Error and continue the run from the first test item in there (though I'm sure there is probably a way to already do this with a little work, it would simply make it easier). I like this idea.

  • I think this would need to be a user configurable option.  I'm not sure I would want this to be a default behavior. I'm also not sure groups were ever intended to be used in this way.  It seems to me that the test items described, should probably be part of their own test, so that the whole test fails when a test item fails.  I think groups are more for grouping test items for convenience of expanding/collapsing, copying/pasting, or enabling/disabling.

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    I agree that this would need to be configurable just like you have the ability the say if a test item fails stop the project or just stop the test item. groups should have the ability on failure to stop the project or stop the group.

    In my cast I have 10 groups each group represents a test "scenario", inside of each group is around 20-25 test items, These test items can have over 100 steps. If I were to combine all the test items into 1, analyzing the log would be a nightmare for our QA people.

    The current way I get around this issue is to make each scenario a project, then  run the suite. This works ok except that make reusing some of the code harder.

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    I was just about to create a new feature request for this exact issue.

    I often organise my tests into functional groups and I would also like to be able to have a sort of "smoke test" which fails the entire group if it fails.

  • Looking at latest comment, I don’t think so it is still possible, yet I would like to know if has someone found out some work around that issue? Currently I am also stuck at same point