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7 years ago
New Idea

Allow for marking single attributes of XML files/checkpoints to be ignored on compare/check

Dear all,

I am facing a problem with XML checkpoints. The root-node of my XML file has an attribute in it, which reflects the date, the file was generated. I would need to skip ONLY this attribute during compare/check phase.

I cannot use the "Ignore attributes" option, as this would ignore all attributes on the file. But other attributes are relevant.

I cannot delete the node from the checkpoint (as suggested by the online help about excluding information from the comparison), since it is the root node. All other nodes would be gone as well.


Feature request:
An option in the XML checkpoint editor would be great: just right clicking an attribute, selecting "Ignore on check/compare".

So far, one will first need to alter the actual XML file and manually remove the attribute.


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