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10 years ago
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Add 'Run From Selected' menu item to the Test Items' context menu‏

Dear colleagues,

Could you please add the 'Run From Selected' menu item to the Test Items' context menu?
When this menu item is clicked, TestComplete should start tests execution from the selected test item and continue until the end of test items' tree (on the contrary to the 'Run Focused Item' menu command that executes only selected and child test items).

(This requests also corresponds to the Case #00089196)


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    I would use "Run from Selected" in the Test Items context menu almost every day, and EVERY time my test run fails.  When a test fails, say on the 20th test item, It would save me not only the hassle of disabling tests 1-19, but also having to re-enable those 19 test items later, and if I forget, the next day's run is totally messed up!


    Another variation of this new feature would be to mouse-select which Test Items to run, and then right-mouse and then select "Run Focused Items" (the "s" makes it obvious there are multiple test items to run).


    Both of these approaches would be great to have, and it would make us :smileyvery-happy: even if we had just one of them.