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5 years ago
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Add multiple linked Events to a Project Suite

Just as it is possible to link KeywordTests and Scripts - and to use these links in events - it would be helpful if it is possible to link events several times within a Project Suite.
This would make events controlled centralized possible from one project.

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    I'm not sure what you mean by "link events several times within a Project Suite".  


    1) Events and event handlers are controlled at the project level, not the suite level.  The Project Suite has very little code structure around it and is mostly for controling what projects execute together

    2) What you see as "Events" in a project are simply containers for controlling the handling of various built in events in a project.  For example, "OnLogError" is an event that is fired internally in the TestComplete engine.  What you see in the project is a way of user-defining code that executes when that event fires.  To link "OnLogError" to more than one keyword test or script doesn't make architectural sense.