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8 years ago
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Add feature to compare Spreasheets and output like Table Checkpoints



In our automation we use a lot of excel reports that are output however i do not see a way of comparing and outputting exactly what row and values have changed to prior release. I am currently using the extension script ( which just gives information on whether there are any mismatches and the count which is of not much use since we are going to do the manual work of opening and trying to find where the mismatches are. Since spreadsheets are used heavily i suggest to come up with some checkpoint that outputs something like Table checkpoint with each sheet name, row, text/value displayed  OR enhance the script extension to do the same. 


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    Have you considered writing a compare routine using the COM object Excel.Application to do the comparison the way you need to?

    One of the beauties about Script Extensions is that they are easily modified. 


    1) Rename the extension from filename.tcx to

    2) Extract the contents of the zip to a folder

    3) modify the script file and description.xml file with any changes needed

    4) update the ZIP file with the new files

    5) Rename from to filename.tcx


    I will be conducting a webinar in a few weeks with SmartBear on using Script Extensions and how to build them if you're interested.

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      How I can get the script extension? Link is not wokring