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7 years ago
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Add feature to capture js console and network tab output

We would like to be able to capture any logs from the console or network messages so that we can provide specific network errors to our developers for any intermittent bugs that may occur which are of this nature.

Currently, while we can open developer tools and access this via the object browser to get the elements which contain the log messages, we can't do this solely via an automated run in Test Complete. Is there a way we could get this information and if not could you add a feature for getting it?


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    This would be beneficial for all my projects within Shaw as we need to confirm the network information.

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    If we have this feature built in, that would push TestComplete a whole new level of automation testing tool, standing out in the automation test market. I definitely need this!

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    If a tester is testing an app on a browser, an error in the Network log or in the Browser Console may well need to be brought up to the developers!  We write tests and, unprompted, don't open the Developer Tools to see this information.  If a test results in something I don't expect or an TC error that doesn't make sense, I will open the DevTool to check the Network calls and or errors written to the console.

    Too often the errors are 'found' by the client.  This information is quite often GOLD insofar as building quality tests. 

    Creating this capability, as commented above, would open a new channel of automated quality testing.