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4 years ago
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Add an option to filter logs by priority

Hi everybody,

In our test environment, we are currently using the log message function with a priority, according to the log type.

For example, the priority Lowest is used for debugging messages, the priority Normal is used for test item related messages, etc...

While looking at a TestComplete log file, it would be great to hide messages with the Lowest / Lower priority in order to increase the readability of the actual test.


I think this option could be a drop down menu, with checkboxes, where you can check and uncheck priorities in order to hide or show them.


There is a example of what we're dealing with, where the "important" information is burried down with "debugging" informations:


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    It would be great if this request is combined with the already existing one that asks for the applied filters (e.g. excluded Event messages and messages of the Lowest priority) to be applied when exporting log results as well.

    These two requests been implemented will make it possible to generate test run reports that can be provided to technical specialists as well as to the management from the same test log.