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6 years ago
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Ability to map multiple objects without actions for a test

Currently the "quick" way for me to map multiple actions is to create a record script or keyword test. However, it also will record the actions and 99% of the time i just delete the test.  

If i want to map an object from my website to testComplete, i have to click on the "Map Object from Screen" button.  This will then bring up a new window that allows me to decide how i want to select the object. I drag the target to the point to the object and have name mapping feature try to find the object.  I then can say "map the obj as _____"  or choose a name and properties manually.  Perform that step and rinse and repeat. over and over and over and over again until i mapp all the objects I want.  

I would find it useful to allow the user to map multiple objects and have them go through a list of objects that need mapping. If it runs into an object that is already mapped just skip or inform the user. 


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    If you start with the object farthest down on the tree, then TestComplete will come up with a list of all the objects above it that need to be mapped as well.  You can either take the default mapping for all of them, or click through a wizard and it will show you each one and you can accept it or edit it.   That saves you from having to map each one separately.  


    I do that and if I know the objects are pretty standard, then I'll just take the default mapping for all of them and either go back and edit a few separately or wait till I'm actually writing the test and fix the ones that fail.

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    You can also right click on any object in your namemapping tree and select "Map Child Objects" and it will map everything one level down.