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9 years ago
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The various panes and view windows should remember their sizes between sessions

In SoapUI 4.x, the navigation pane used to rememer it's last saved width between sessions.  However, Ready! API does not remember this type of sizing information--every time you restart the app, the pans are back to their default sizes.


Please enhance Ready! API so that all of the panes and view windows remember their last sizes.  Everything is resizable, but it's a waste of time to have to keep manually re-sizing things because the application doesn't remember the settings.


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    I upvote this idea! I hope Smartbear team would implement this feature!




  • I think it should also remember the places of all docked tabs. Or just give us the possibility to save actual workspace which have multiple tabs opened. It would speed up booting up and managing couple of projects at once.
  • upvoting as it is a nice to have


    also if some of the fixed height elements could be resized or made dockable/undockable that would be really useful, i.e. within serviceV with a virt selected the script panes are very constricted, if they could be undocked and resized it would be a big useability plus point

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    Community Feedback Requested

    This was logged quite a few versions ago.


    Question for the community:

    - are you still experiencing the windows not remembering sizes?  If so, which particular windows in ReadyAPI?


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    Yes, ReadyAPI has never been changed to make it remember people's setups.  This is in related to any pane or dialog.  Compare this to most other IDEs, such as Eclipse, QTP, IntelliJ, which remember how you have adjusted all or almost all, of your panes and which items you may have enabled/disabled, etc.


    Examples of things that you can resize in Ready API, but that it doesn't remember between restarts (this is not exhaustive):

    1. The width of your Navigation Pane

    2. The height of the properties sub-pane inside the Navigation pane

    3. The size of the xpath assertion dialog

    4. The details pane for services in Service V area (fyi, the Service V area needs a LOT of UI work, a lot of the choices that were made for the ReadyAPI re-work of this really waste loads of space)

    5. The areas that a couple people mentioned in comments



  • It also doesn't remember the size of the ReadyAPI window.


    Since we have very long names for out TestSuites/Cases/Steps, I like to drag the window over to screens, with one just being the Navigator pane and the other the Work tabs.


    But every time ReadyAPi is started, it is resize to fit one screen.