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TestEngine + Jenkins Plugin: Execute list of Project/Suite/Case SoapUI tests

In their current implementation

1.) the TestEngine needs to be provided a zip with all required files by the calling client

2.) the TestEngine Jenkins plugin will execute one Project/Suite/Case per Jenkins job



This setup does not scale to execute many Project/Suite/Case SoapUI tests in a row



ad 1.)

 a.) Provide TestEngine the ability to access/checkout GIT repos containing SoapUI Projects

 b.) Add an API to TestEngine that will take the Project/Suite/Case/... parameters and pick all required files from above local checkout area

--> Like this no files need to be created/transfered to the TestEngine server


What still needs to be done is the specification of the list of Project/Suite/Case to be executed. This could be provided by one or more config files maintained in the GIT repo(s)


ad 2.)

In case the TestEngine runs on the Jenkins slave(s), the Jenkins job could

- checkout the GIT repo(s)

- locate the config file(s) containing the list of /Project/Suite/Case SoapUI Tests in the checkout area (e.g. via parameter)

- loop the config file(s) calling the TestEngine API with Project/Suite/Case/... parameters


--> like this

- The TestEngine is running as a server (contrary to

- The invocation of many Project/Suite/Case's will run with minimal overhead (presumably msecs instead of secs)

- all required files are taken from a repo -> any updates propagate to TestEngine automatically



This type of automated execution of SoapUI Test from different Project/Suite/Case needs to complemented with a suitable test report (e.g. csv file with Project/Suite/Case/Step, timeStamp, Status, ExecTime, ErrorMsg, ...

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    Are there any plans to improve the usability of towards executing selected testcases from many different SoapUI project files ?

    Or should the strategy be to extract and merge the testcases selected for automation into a  SoapUI project dedicated to execution by ?


    Thank you