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4 years ago

Ready API 3.6.0 Allow for Assertions to be minimized - NEED MORE SCREEN SPACE

Prior to this release test step assertions were always allowed to minimize, now it is not. 


I have groovy scripts and SOAP Request/Response xml that can be 100's or 10,000's of lines. 

*  When my SOAP test step first opens up there is only 10 lines at a time that can display. 

*  When I minimize the Assertion area I can get it to 15.  



*  To collapse it on the right side so we can obtain the length of the screen.

*  Return it to allow the Assertions to collapse out of the way.


Related suggestions:

*  For those of us that utilize ReadyAPI with Groovy and JDBC's more, it would be good to have better work area real estate when you push out these changes.

*  Also if a portrait screen was more user friendly I would use that more, unfortunately my home version (thanks to Covid) my portable monitor doesn't allow good screen resolutions.  

*  Collapsing the left side and the bottom would be a fantastic option.


Thank you!



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    Hello, Thank you very much for reaching out, it is important to us that we get the customers voice as much as we can. With that said, I do have a question: 


    Have you tried to shrink the size of the assertions down to the lowest possible? should look something like this:

    Please let me know if this does not works for you or still lacking the amount of real-estate needed on your screen.

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    This is way too small height-wise for the area I spend the most time in which is editing application/json


    Between not being able to fully minimize the request parameters (unused for application/json) and the always-present Assertions, I have to scroll a lot. My 1920x1080 monitor is only able to devote 30% of the available height to the JSON editor.

  • Thanks for the response, can you please send a screenshot of what your current screen shot looks like?

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    I wouldn't mind hiding the always present "Learn About REST Requests" link too



  • Hello, I just want to check in and give you a big thanks for your feedback! We are taking this into consideration and should be reflected in the next couple of release. 

  • My apologies, for some reason I am not getting emails on these response.  To answer your question, when I minimize it I'm able to increase from 10 lines to 15 lines which is in no way helpful when there are hundreds of lines.  My screen settings are set to my highest possible setting (1920 x 1080), I have another monitor (due to the new working from home conditions) that is even smaller (1366 x 768) that I cannot even use Ready API due to the amount of scrolling.


    Please let me know if I can provide any further information.


  • No worries at all. We have taken this into consideration and minimizing the assertions tab will be available on next release (ReadyAPI 3.7).

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    I just downloaded 3.7 and the collapsing assertions pane looks great!

  • Looks a lot better. ğŸ˜€ Thank the developers for me!  ğŸ‘