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10 years ago
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Property Transfer among Projects.

It would be good to have Property Transfer feature which works for SOAP/REST projects.

Currently I am unable to transfer the value of a response from one project to another. I am working with REST projects and am looking for a way to do so.


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    I am not sure Global Properties are intended for that or not. By the way, you should have all related stuff in a test case rather than spreading across the projects.

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    I would suggest you to have a property which you should populate with the response you want, and then using groovy script you can access this property anywhere, be it the same project or a different one.

  • Very interesting!


    So, just to check... You're looking for a feature that is global properties that goes across (or above) projects. It's a very interesting feature, but one problem would be if you shared your projects, this feature would be broken, the project would refer to a global property that's not part of the project. It would also create dependencies between projects