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7 years ago
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Please stop automatically syncing the selected project/items between views in ReadyAPI

Please make ReadyAPI stop keeping what is selected in each of the views in sync with each other when switching between views (Projects, SoapUI, Secure, LoadUI, and ServiceV). It's more of a hindrance than a help.


Reasoning why disabling this syncing is desired:


When switching views, what we most often want is for the last thing selected in a particular view to REMAIN selected the next time we come back to that view after switching to another view.


Unfortunately, whenever we switch views and look at and open an item in it, the other views all select the same project behind the scenes. Then when we switch back to the previous view, we have to go and re-select the item we had left selected and open when we left the view.. This gets frustrating when we're going back and forth a lot between views and ReadyAPI keeps changing focus in each view.

Here is an example:
1. Open a workspace with multiple projects (call them Projects A and B)
2. Go to SoapUI and open Project A and open some test case/steps inside it
3. Go to ServiceV and give focus to a mock listener in Project B (perhaps run it and look at transaction log)
4. Go back to SoapUI and notice that Project B is now selected in the Navigator in the SoapUI project, instead of the the item that you had previously selected in step 2 above, though any opened items are still open, so not too bad... yet
5. Give focus to the opened test case/step in Project A
6. Now go back to Service V. Notice that Project A is now selected, instead of the mock service that you were working in and since ServiceV doesn't work with tabs the service isn't even open anymore.  You have to go and re-selected again.


If you have to go back and forth a lot like above, it can get annoying.


Even if you undock your soapUI tests to put them in a different window and then go to Service V so that you can see both at the same time, whenever you go to the SoapUI items, ServiceV then changes it's focus. So there is no work-around.


I've never had any reason to want each of the views to stay synced in what project they have selected.

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