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5 years ago
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Optimizing all lists in test steps

For all my projects I need to add a lot of parameters. I've setup a compare Loop with a few elements that requires linking those parameters manually with other steps. In these steps the list is unsorted whereas this makes it a long term action to link each of them to the right parameter of the next step.


1) Groovy Script to fetch the file

2) DataSource to fetch some parameters (or all parameters) from that file for each childnode

3) Property Transfer that will link from Source to Target ==> when selecting the Property from Source you have a sorted list as was created in the "Transfers" section left.  When selecting the target, the properties are unsorted regardless wether you've put it in a specific order in the REST Request or not. If you have a long list, this is a washmash of properties.


It would be great if all lists that are visible and usable in ReadyAPI will show a sorted list as was created.


Thanks in advance.


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