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9 years ago
New Idea

Make the left view panes remember their hidden/visible settings between sessions

Please make the left navigation panes remember their hidden/visible status between sessions.  Most applications remember these types of settings, and it is a shortcoming in Ready! API.


This should include settings for all items in the View menu.  Currently, none of them remember their settings between sessions.


It's more user friendly to have these panes remember this settings.  Otherwise, if someone wants View settings that are different from the default, they have to manually re-set them after ever restart of Ready! API.  (e.g. The new API Navigation pane--since it uses a lot of space and causes issues with pushing the Properties pane off the screen, so I have to repeatedly manually hide it now).

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    I really second this.


    Also remembering the size of the navigator panes would be great. When the panes are resized, they are back to their default size after a restart of Ready! API.