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5 years ago
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Integration of ReadyAPI with Zephyr on teststep level



I've managed to make ReadyAPI integrate with Zephyr TestManagement. It's great to see that I don't need to maintain all results in different places anymore. BUT.... I've noticed some negative sides on this.

1) You only will see the result of your testcase on Testcase level, not on teststep level in TestManagement==> Can this be adapted on teststep too?

2) If there are 5 testcases in ReadyAPI and 4 passed the total will be shown as passed in TestManagement. This is an incorrect response as the project manager/test manager will think everything is allright and won't be aware that something failed. Either I'm the automation tester AND the testmanager (as then there is no problem) or I'm the automation tester and I have someone else to be a (test)manager. Of course, there's always the point to exchange information, but what if I'm ill meanwhile, or the pm isn't interesting anymore in other facts else then his dashboard.... I'm just saying...not good for different reasons. ==> proposed: if 1 teststep failed, make the testcase fail too, as well in ReadyAPI as in TestManager.


Thanks in advance.

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