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9 years ago

Case #00150388: Assertions using an "OR"

I had entered a ticket and got reffered to the community board for this enhancement request. I've notice since the release of Ready_API 1.4 several GUI memory related issues. Mostly because the current project that I an on required sucha large list on parameters, approximately 150. This has proven to be problematic when creating a datasource with a long list or a simalarly large number of assertions.


Having said that, the paarticular issue is as follows. I created approx. 150 test assertion, most of them were simple Match Content, comparing the Datasource Feed, with the output of a JDBC test step. I did this assuming thatthere would always be data, or particulatly formated data coming from the file feeding the datasource.  Well when I had a difference from what I was expecting aI had an "Oh S@#$T" moment. Now I have to delete 150 assertions and recreate 150 script assertions.


Proposal: Enable the  Assertion's "Expected Result" window to accept multiple expect data using logical AND/OR (&&/||) statements (See attachment). I know that there is a similar feature using th eAssertion test step, but its too bulky and wouldn't be worth the effort vs replacing with a script assertion. It also heps the script to me a bit more maintainable as future releases present similar siuations. 

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