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6 years ago
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Better handling of REST request with FORM editor

We've been using ReadyAPI for a long time with wsdl/xsd files and many of the users are very happy with the Form editor since it automatically arranges inputs fields when using large request. It makes it easy to add/delete large objects in the body.


When we import the wsdl/xsd files into ReadyAPI, the tool creates a default request with all the available parameters and the parameters are also represented in the FORM editor. However, when importing a similar openapi definition no default request is created and the FORM editor is not availible. See attached screenshots.


Now we're in a new project with requests using REST were we have POST requests with many parameters and this causes trouble with inexperienced users when adding/removing json objects in the request body.


When using GET methods there's no problem manually creating parameters and using the FORM editor since there are not too many input parameters to handle.


Is there any way we could create/design openapi.json files in a certain way in order for ReadyApi tool to interpret them so that we could use Form Editor in the same way as with wsdl/xsd files? 



Or is there some improvement you can do within the ReadyAPI tool itself that would facilitate the use of Form Editor for large REST requests?


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    I might add that the openapi definition files we're using are version 3.0.1 (currently not supported in version 2.5 of ReadyAPI) but we simply edit the version number from "openapi" : "3.0.1" to "openapi" : "3.0.0" in the openapi.json definition file.