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5 years ago
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Allow SoapUI assertions to vary depending on selected environment

In cases where API responses vary depending on environment and this is not in control of the QA team it would be useful to be able to specify which environments an assertion applies to. This would allow a test step to have different assertions only a subset of which are evaluated in any given environment.


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    Just curion to know. How would be assertion dependent on environment. Would you please share the use case?

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    Say you have a TST-environment where input A will give back output B (and you assert output B).

    Say you also have a UAT-environment where input A will give back output C.


    When you switch to UAT and you will send input A, then the assertion will fail because it was expecting output B but actual value was C.

    It would be nice if assertions could also be variable, based on the selected environment. I can imagine that UAT-environment has more production-like data, compared to a TST-environment.


    Is this what you want Minophis ?