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7 years ago
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Add option to remove script Error dialog

Ready Api 2.1


When working on and running/debugging groovy scripts any errors that occurs would popup a dialog box with error and stack trace.


1. The error box is disruptive during the use of the program. The error itself i logged to the Logs | Error log. At least a user option in preferences should be added to make the box optional.

2. The error box size is reset every time. So that the dialog box have to be resized each and every time to see the error. The box size should be stored as a user preference.

3. Error information should be logged to a new log tab (e.g. "Errors") in the groovy editor itself.



André Sørhus



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    I agree. It would be nice to turn this dialog box off. I am hear currently because now whenever an assert fails the error dialog pops up but there is not text. I am unable to dismiss the box for more than a minute most of the time.