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9 years ago
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Visually Identify Token Values in Test Steps During Test Run

Currently when using tokens during the test run a person cannot tell what are the token values and what aren't.  It would be useful to have token values visually identified in some way in the test step during a test run.  They could be bolded, highlighted, underlined, different color font, or somthing.  

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    1. Token Highlighting: Implement a feature in the testing app that automatically highlights token values within test steps.
    2. Distinct Color Coding: Assign distinct colors to different token types for easy recognition during test execution.
    3. Tooltip Display: Enable tooltips to appear when hovering over highlighted tokens, displaying their corresponding values.
    4. Font Formatting: Use bold or italic font styles to visually distinguish token values from other text in the test steps.
    5. Token Icon: Introduce a small icon next to token values to visually represent their significance.
    6. Dynamic Highlighting: Implement dynamic highlighting that changes color or intensity when tokens are interacted with during test execution.
    7. Search Functionality: Allow users to search for specific tokens within test steps, with search results being highlighted for quick identification.
    8. Customizable Preferences: Provide options for users to customize token highlighting settings based on their preferences.
    9. Scrolling Animation: Implement a smooth scrolling animation that draws attention to highlighted tokens as they appear in test steps like app.
    10. Real-Time Updates: Ensure that token highlighting updates in real-time as test steps are executed, providing instant feedback to users.
    11. Clear Borders: Add clear borders or outlines around token values to separate them from surrounding text.
    12. Toggle Feature: Include a toggle button to enable or disable token highlighting based on user preference.
    13. Highlighting Animation: Introduce subtle animation effects, such as pulsating or fading, to further draw attention to highlighted tokens.
    14. Zoom Functionality: Enable users to zoom in on test steps for a closer look at highlighted token values.
    15. Accessibility Considerations: Ensure that token highlighting features are accessible to users with disabilities, adhering to accessibility guidelines.