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10 years ago
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Update / modernize the UI

Update / modernize the UI. 


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    Yes, the inteface needs an overhaul.  There are other test management tools out there that offer very modern and simple interfaces that are streamlined yet powerful.  It's not just about the visual appearance but also UI capability.  There are very simple things that one often needs to do but have to go through a lot of clicks or 'odd workflows' to accomplish that in other tools one can simply drag and drop or some other very simple action without all the overhead and lack of intuitiveness.

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     Though if i had to choose, this is a minor issue however I would like it. Its not stopping me from using the feature, however a new UI would be nice. 

  • On the other hand it would be nice if the developers would focus more on the UI functionality that the visuals. Currently we have seen transition to new visual representation at the expense of functionality, readability and performance.


    For example:
    * Defect lits view does not allow for release tree to be be permanently visible
    * Edit screens make it almost imposible to read the links
    * Interactive icons are displayed over the item name you acctually pointing at

    * etc.