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7 years ago
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QAComplete Limitations or improvements to be addressed

We have recently purchased the tool and noticed the below limitations / improvements .


  1. Feature to assign a TAG / labels needs to be added.
  2. Assign existing defects to Test cases at the time of execution.
  3. Changes made to the test cases in Test sets at the time of execution are no local and are will be reflected in the original test cases. This is defeating the feature of Fast Edit the tool offers.
  4. Performance is very slow when trying to load Test sets instances having only 20 test cases. 
  5. JIRA Integration - Mapping needs to be done on a field level and status level. 
  6. Field level validations are not working as expected for Custom Fields. For a Text field if length 200 characters when we enter 150 characters the front end validation is telling that there are more than 20 characters in the field.
  7. UI / Performance for Test management features needs to be improved.

If anyone in the group has found a solution or a work around this can you please get back to us. 

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