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Make Shared Documents More Useful Across the Application

There are many things that I use shared documents for.  Some documents I need to link to requirements, some to tasks, some even to test case steps.  I want to store documents in a shared location and then be able to link them wherever I want in the application.  I also want the link to just reference the newest version of the document.


For example, I have a new team member doing their training.  I create a task to review our documents on process.  Before they get to doing that task, I change a part of the process document, but I want the new team member to see the most updated copy.


Currently I have a few options:

1) Upload the document directly to the task, and have to remember all tasks that have that document attached and re-upload everytime something changes (Not a good Solution).

2) Upload the document in the shared documents folder and tell them where to go find it which could also change (Not a good solution)

3) Upload the file in the shared doc section and use the url path generated there to link it to the task - however, if the document updates the url link is no longer a valid link.

4) Create an entirely new website to store all my files and use the UNC Path from that website to link it back to tasks and shared docs and tasks.  This seems kind of rediculus considering in the software there is a shared document section.


Consider another scenario:

I have a lot of test cases that have SQL instructions in them.  When the database is updated, I don't want to go edit text everytime with new SQL in all the test cases.  This could be solved by creating reusable components for tests (this I think has already been suggested).  Or allowing me to upload a text file for SQL that I could attach anywhere I wanted that specific SQL run for a test case.  When I update that SQL it would then update all test cases.


Thanks - and if anyone has any solutions to this information sharing issue I would love to hear them!