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3 years ago
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Global Parameters/Databank

It would be nice to have a global set of parameters that can be referenced across multiple tests, I currently would want to use this to be able to replicate an ability I had in Visual Studio to set the source url at the top most level and it affect every test in the whole load test run so that I can easy swap between environments to be tested. Currently this would require me going into each individual test and editing them


  • Hi Jonathan_Smith,


    I hope that you are doing well.


    We already have a similar request in our system created by one of our customers under Jira case number #SMLD-3638. 


    We are reviewing possibilities to implement new features with our product team members.



  • Tom_S Another great thing to hear, this one will go a long way to making testing multiple environments alot easier ğŸ˜Š