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10 years ago

Make it possible to enable/disable pages/requests within scenario



When the scenario recording is made for the dynamic applications with a lot of async Ajax requests, the recorded scenario includes a lot of these supplimentary requests that, I think, may be excluded from the final test. The problem here is that it is not always evident whether or not the given request or page can be safely excluded from the test.

My current approach is to Save As... current scenario as a backup, remove requests/pages from the original one and verify if the obtained result is what I was needed.

It will really help if it is possible to enable / disable certain requests / pages within scenario like this is possible for the host server.


Thank you for considering this request.


  • As of LoadComplete 3.2, it's now possible to enable/disable specific requests in your scenario. It's not yet possible to enable/disable specific pages.

  • As of LoadComplete 4.0, it is possible to enable/disable pages as well as requests.