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9 years ago
New Idea

Displaying all the transaction averages for each defined step, not just the overall average.

I would like to be able to see the averages, min/max for all the defined transactions in my test. I can see that there is a combined average, but this doesn't help me when I am looking at 100 transactions or better.


  • Just to clarify, which metrics would you like to report on? TTFB, transfer speed, etc?


    Are you saying you'd like to be able to define a certain subset of requests in your test and get avg/min/max for that group?


    One thing you may consider is exporting the Details view of the report to CSV. Then you can perform any operations you'd like on the raw data.

  • I would like to have a option, that if I made custom pages to see the min,max and average for the custom pages. Today, the csv file is broken out by request, with each request having a line for each time that request was called. I was hoping that the report could report on the pages that I have made (by selecting manaul pagination at the beginning of a recording) as well. Below I have an example of what I mean:


    Page 001 - Login

    • Request 1
    • Request 2
    • Request 3


    Once the report is generated, we lose the Page 001 name and only get the request data. While this is useful, it doesn't translate to a Business user well. I was hoping that we could include the Page in the report as well. Maybe have the Page name be a drilldown to the requests that make-up the page, so that we can say to our partners that the Login Page took x seconds on average to respond.