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8 years ago
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We need a way to change the defaulted values

When I go to the "display" screen, it is defaulted to "page Width."  I want it to default to "full Page."  I have to change it every time I go into the document.  Is there a way to change the default value?  Another example is when you go to the details page of a review.  the output defaults to "hide Comments."  I want to change it to "Show all Comments."  It would be nice if there was an admin capability to change defaults based on my preferences, not SmartBears.

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    I could have sworn that was in the system but couldn't find it, maybe it was in the older feedback system.  I agree it would be nice to not have to change it to your preference every time you open a new file - either by choosing your default preference in the display tab under user settings, or I'd be happy even if it remembered my selection made from the previous file.  Probably the user setting would be the most consistent & intuitive solution.