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7 years ago
Community Feedback Requested

Syntax Highlighting Export/Import per-language

As of Collaborator 11.0.11000, syntax highlighting can be added for previously unsupported languages and existing languages can be modified. 

It's a lot of work to figure out all the regexes for the different things that should be matched though, so it would useful if the community could share their work with each other on languages that aren't yet supported (e.g. Makefiles). 


Add the ability to import/export a single language syntax highlighting configuration from the syntax highlighting screen in the Administrative Settings so the whole installation's configuration doesn't need to be exported and cut to share, and exported, modified, and re-imported to use new syntax highlighting settings.


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    Obviously I'm interested.  I think if this was supported it could also allow SmartBear to release plugin-like language syntax highlighting additions so full installation upgrades aren't necessary just to get a new language syntax highlighting.  It could also drive a lot more traffic to the forums/community since I've seen at least one aborted attempt to develop and share additional language highlighting in the forums.

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    I would appreciate this feature, too.

    Currently we are missing the syntax highlighting for cmake. 

    Another question concerning the current possibility to add private schemas: How to save one's work of creating a new schema if the Collaborator is updated? Will a private schema automatically be saved and restored or does it need manual work?