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6 years ago
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Switch for a restriction finishing a review without comments

Alvin Lau from Agilent Technologies LDA Malaysia Sdn Bh has requested the following feature:

An option that would make it impossible to finish a review if there are no comments in it.

Possibly it should an option that would switch the requirement to create at least one or the specific number of comment in order to be able to finish the review.

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    The tool obviously wouldn't parse the content of the comment(s) so from my perspective, having to log at least one comment before closing the review doesn't sound very valuable.  I'm assuming the intention here is to enforce that someone actually reviews the material before closing it out, making the process meaningful - if correct, maybe adding a mandatory checklist with a comment field and/or adding electronic signatures would help enforce that the users need to take the review process seriously, and could be done with existing Collaborator software.  Or if you really want to enforce 1+ comments, maybe a trigger could be added that counts the comments before moving to the "completed" phase?