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7 years ago
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Server should handle HTTPS as part of delivered product

SB has a nice HELP page on how to get certificates and configure your SmartBear server to use secure HTTPS rather than HTTP.


With both FF and Chrome now giving warnings when any password web page is not HTTPS, it's becoming a pain to field calls asking if their reviews are secure.  


Given the world is heading towards all pages being secure, SmartBear should consider delivering Collaborator with certificates so a secure https server would now be the default installation, rather than require IT departments to do more work...

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    The problem is that the installer would need to generate self signed certificates on demand (to match your installed domain name). The end user experience would then be worse: instead of "Not secure" being displayed in the bar at the top, you will get big, scary, full screen security warning and then have to click the small grey link to say, yes, you do trust the site.