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7 years ago
New Idea

Restrict (existing review) uploads to author(s)

Would be nice to be able to restrict uploads to reviews where the uploader is an author.  Twice a situation has occurred where someone uploaded files to the wrong review, significantly impairing the review process (and since you can't delete uploads once a review has *any* comments/defects, there is no way to remove the erroneous upload).


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    You could configure the default review access permissions such that only participants could only access (and thus upload files to) reviews that they are a participant in, and you could go further to only allow authors / creators to upload files.  It won't prevent an author from uploading the file to a wrong review if they are also the author of the wrong review, but I don't think there would be any way for Collaborator to distinguish that.


    It would be good to delete a change set from a review with comments logged, as long as there are no comments logged against that change set - that possibly may already be implemented, I don't recall.  If not already implemented, I believe there are enhancement requests in this forum on that topic.