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5 years ago
New Idea

'Prev' button should be on the left, 'Next' button should be on the right.

In older versions of Collaborator (such as version 8),
the buttons for Prev and Next had words and arrows - Prev had a left pointing arrow, on the left. Next had a right pointing arrow on the right.

That made sense. It was intuitive and consistent with other interfaces.

In newer versions of Collaborator, the buttons have up and down arrows, but what is most puzzling is that the 'Prev' button is on the right and the 'Next' button is on the left.

It is counter-intuitive, and in contrast most GUIs I've seen to have prev on the right and next on the left.

Perhaps it should be configurable with localization, if it should be this way for those who read right-to-left. English is left-to-right, and an English installation/configuration of Collaborator should have 'prev' on the left and 'next' on the right.

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