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8 years ago
New Idea

Pool participation should override group access restrictions in inspections

I’ve found what I consider a deficiency in the review access system


We restrict reviews to “Participant or Group”, meaning the only people that can see a particular review are the people who are participating in a review, or anyone who is part of the group in which the review resides.  We did this as the multiple projects on the same server were worried about people outside the project seeing review material.


However, this restriction has broken the Pool participation feature.     According to SB, the pool group must be a child of the group in which the review resides.  


This implementation is backwards, and I’m hoping it can be fixed.


For example, if you have 10 project groups, and you wanted the Quality group to be a pool recipient in any project review.  Under current SB design, you would have to add the Quality group as a child of each and every Project group, in order for Quality to be an available pool participant in any of the 10 project inspections.  This is over bearing, and has made the Groups quite messy, and a pain to manage.



We believe that inviting a group to be a pool participant should be ‘enough’ to allow the entire review pool to see the review.    Once someone from the pool accepts the review, it would be OK to lock down the review so only the accepted participant of the outside group (Quality, in this example) could see the review.