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PDF Filename containing the "version" is not supported?


We encourage our employees to add a version to a PDF or DOC file name so it's easier to handle on the local disk, fileserver, webserver or in an email to a customer.


But collaborator can't match a file like "OurManual_V1.0.0.pdf" and "OurManual_V2.0.0.pdf" to be the same.


Easiest might be to add the option in the webinterface "Upload->File" to select an already existing file and state that this is the newer version of it (although the name has changed slightly)


or did I overlook an option in the GUI or the commanline tools?


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    There has been no movement on this topic for four years.  A good approach: allow unique NOTES field entries in the View As: Separate mode, and have a unified NOTES field entry for the Overlay mode.  In the example above:


    View As: Overlay selected

    OurManual.PDF would be uploaded twice, and the NOTES field would be the unified "<CI> Manual".


    View As: Separate selected

    The first OurManual.PDF NOTES field could be updated with <CI> Manual V1.0.0

    The second OurManual.PDF NOTES field would then be updated with <CI> Manual V2.0.0.


    Also - can you allow us to promote/demote files in an overlay group?  I would like to relocate Manual V2.0.0 to be the "reworked" item when I initiate a review.