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5 years ago
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Matlab Simulink Model Support

One Collaborator feature that would be useful for my team at Deere is support for Simulink models. My only current option is printing to PDF, which can work but has its limitations and takes extra steps to create. I'm told this isn't currently supported. I think this would be a valuable feature to support industry-wide, as more teams utilize models for simulation and code generation.


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    I'd be interested to learn how others handle reviews of Matlab Simulink and Stateflow models.

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    I would also like this feature and be interested in any work around.  Specifically, if this exists:

    * Create a pull request with simulink files

    * If the simulink files changed, they automatically create pdf's (or run some command that can be configured to so the same)

      * Say, match extentions with specific commands that can be executed on the Code Collaborator computer.

    Any files created are uploaded to the review so that diffs of the pdf's can be viewed.