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Invite all members from a group to a review

I would like a feature to be implemented so every person from a group can be added to a review without the user having to individually type in each name. I am aware of review pools, but we're not wanting to wait for reviewers to "take" a review seat, we just want to be able to invite a large group of people to a review and give them the option of reviewing the document. For example, we currently have a list of individuals that are invited to every peer review regardless of content. Currently to invite all of them it requires the Author to input over 40 names by hand. It would be much easier if the Author could just type in a single name (like a group name) and have all 40 reviewers be automatically added.  

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    Please notice, that starting from version 13.3 (which was released in Nov 2020) Collaborator supports assignment of multiple participants of the same role at once. User can just filter by specific group, then select all users of group (or some of them) and add them to review. I guess it covers you case.