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8 years ago
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Improve Admin/Users experience

A few requests based on my experience with Administration/Users panel on the Web Client.   I know we don’t use it often, but making it a less cumbersome experience would be helpful.


1) Allow me to set a default password for a user on the Create new User panel.   Having me create a user, then have to edit that user in order to set a primary password is a pain.


2) Allow me to add a user to a group when I create the new user.  Again, saving me steps during the creation process.


3) After I EDIT a user, there is no navigation panel to get me back to the users window.   The left Administration panel goes away.   I’m forced to use the back button a few times to get back to the Users window.  Again, a bit of a pain.


4) semi related.  When making a new group, there is a “Child groups of this group” setting.   There is not, however, a setting for “This group is a child of” setting.   I have to leave this group, go to the parent group and make new group a child.   Extra steps that could be avoided.

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