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9 years ago
New Idea

Git Hub Feature requests

(1) Automatically cancel a review when the associated pull request is merged.

There are some on our team who are hesitant to add a code review tool because they believe that anything beyond the GitHub tool is too much overhead.  After going from Collaborator to GitHub when I switched companies, I find I'm unable to do effective reviews, which is why we're going down the path of evaluating tools.  I foresee a lot of reviews being created for 3-line changes and going stale.  It would be nice if they could just be cancelled when the PR is completed or cancelled.


(2) Merge PR and Delete branch when a review is completed.

Some of the team dislikes jumping between tools, and don't want to have to click on the link to GitHub and then close it there.


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    Hi, these features are already on our todo list. We are planning to roll them out with 9.4 release.
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    We've discovered another nice to have feature.  We would like to enable attching git changelists from the browser, but, are deploying our Collaborator server in a docker container.  In order to enable this feature, we need to clone our repository in the Dockerfile.  However, we don't really want to hardcode git credentials in the dockerfile in plain text.  It would be convenient if the Collaborator admin UI could allow git credentials to be securley stored and to automatically clone a git repository in the specified path if it does not already exist.


    Again, this is just a nice to have that I thought I would share and definitely isn't a high priority.