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7 years ago
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Get CVS Add Diffs to work correctly

Hi all,


I've had a problem getting the CVS Add Differs to Review functionality to work correctly.   The feature is documented in  


Basically, you should be able to add CVS commands which are passed on and executed, and the results end up in your inspection.  So, for example, if I send "-r 1.1 -r 1.2 file" to the Diff command, it should difference the two CVS revisions for me.


In reality, no matter what CVS command I enter, the GUI ends up crashing.  I'm not sure if it's a GUI bug, or related to the fact that the Colalborator server and CVS repository are on different machines.     I've submitted a bug report, and the bug has been acknowledged, but will be fixed "some time in the future".  (key word meaning never?)



So I'm putting this to the Feature audience.   Have others had issues with the CVS diff GUI, or if it's just me.   :)   Maybe if many people are having similar issues then a fix could be bumped up the priority list.


Thanks for any feedback