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7 years ago
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Enable/Disable User actions and administrator reporting in logging

As a international medical company we have the need to regulate who submits and performs code reviews due to FDA and other regulations. We require users complete a digital signature form as well as training before giving them access. This process stretches across departments as HR takes care of the digital signature and training, a quality team takes care of enabling the user and the devops team manages Collaborator. To help with the process of creating users we have Collaborator create the user on valid LDAP login and trigger a script which disables the user and sends the appropriate emails with further instructions.


The process works well however we have no way of tracking the enabling/disabling of users. In our script we do log when we disable a new user but it would be very helpful and a possible audit need to know when Collaborator actually enables/disables a user and who issued the enable/disable command. This would also help in troubleshooting as we have had incidents where the wrong users were enabled/disabled by accident due to similar usernames.

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