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Create Automated CC Reviews Cross-Servers using IBM RTC Server-side Plugin

Currently, our environment has two CCM servers for IBM Rational Team Concert.  Below are the steps taken:


  1. Create a work item task on project located on first server
  2. Check-in all and deliver from second server project and 'Associate Change Request' from first server project (This will create Change Sets (Remote), under work item task link)
  3. Change state to 'Closed' in work item task and Code Review does NOT get created (in our environment, changing a work item to 'Closed' will generate an automated code review within Code Collaborator using the RTC server-side plugin)


We would like SmartBear to take into account there are clients out there who have this scenario and can address this as high priority.  Currently, our Developers are creating manual reviews and it is becoming a big pain-point.  This makes it very difficult, complicated and very frustrating for the reviewers / end-users. This also defeats the purpose of having a Code Collaborator server-side plugin for automation.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!

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