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9 years ago
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Confirm before leaving page with unsaved text

An in inspection, you can add comments, defects, etc by typing text into a box on the left of your screen, then clicking "Add".


We've had users enter text and forget to click the add button, and navigated away (return to inspection summary button), thus losing all their entered text.


Many other web sites will recognize you have text in a text box and will bring up a "Do you really want to navigate away from this page" dialog box, where a user can chose ot stay on the page and save their forgotten text.  A sample of such a dialog is attached.


It woudl be nice if SB/Collaborator implemented such a feature, so user comments wouldn't be accidently lost.     (Yes, I had a user fill in 5-6 boxes with lots of text and navigate away, losing it all...)


- J

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    Playing with SB, I find that you DO have such a dialot box pop up when you are creating a new template and naviagte away before finishing.   (I'm not sure if it's the browser that brings up the dialog, or the web page itself)