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5 years ago
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Automatic Periodic Notification Blackout Window

The 'Automatic Periodic Notification' feature shown below is nice but I would suggest having a 'blackout window' during which Collaborator does NOT send out email notification for stalled reviews or any other cases that require action from the participants.  


The function doesn’t have the ability to set any sort of ‘operating hours’ or black out time.  We have had issues where a developer might create a review right near the end of the day and no one had a chance to look at it; well when everyone comes in the morning the other Collab users have gotten spammed with a emails coming out of the system every 2 hours.  I would like Collaborator to know not to send out reminders at 3am when nobody will be using the system.  The situation gets even worse when a user creates a review at the end of the day on Friday – then we get spammed with over 24 emails until folks come in Monday morning.


The email spam detracts from the usefulness of this feature as users started to ignore the email ‘noise’ coming out of Collaborator.  I could dial the threshold to greater than 2 hours, but then again during daytime operating hours I think people should get spammed if they aren’t doing their reviews.


Is there a backend property or setting where we could set ‘offline’ hours for Automatic Periodic Notification’?



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