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Allow triggers to run collaborator actions securely


We require our users to complete collaborator training before giving them access to collaborator as we need to comply with federal regulations. To save time we create users ahead of time but we disable them and for structure reasons we also add new users to a "New Users" group. Currently we automate the process with the create user trigger and a python script that uses collaborator client commands and sends email to the new user and an admin. All this runs on our collaborator enterprise server which is solely for collaborator tasks and has limited access.



To use the collaborator command line we needed to install collaborator client and provide password. We have login ticket time-to-live set to 1 hour so password would be requested every hour unless we added the password to the client configuration file in plain text.



1) It would be nice if collaborator enterprise came with a command line so collaborator client did not need to be installed separately to perform actions on the server

2) To avoid having to install separate applications or use resources on another machine it would be nice if there was a way to perform collaborator actions on the server without having to pass an admin password in the clear. Some example may be to a pass a secure authentication token with a substitution variable to the script or allow commands run on the enterprise server by a specific restricted user to run without password prompt or allow the password to be stored encrypted in a hidden location.

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