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8 years ago
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Allow reviewers to download review material

The only download mechanism currently provided downloads a .diff file that attempts to show the differences in files.  


For Word and/or Excel files, that are much less likely to be included in a shared version control system, directly downloading a specific revision of the file itself is missing.


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    Unless I am misunderstanding what you are looking for, you are in luck - there are two places you can download a copy of the files - in the review summary screen, in the review materials section, click Download -> Files to get a ZIP file of (I believe) the latest uploaded versions of all the files.


    If you want to download a specific version of a file, in the diff viewer at the top where you select the version to display, there is a download icon which will let you download the displayed version of the file.

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    I was looking for the single file at a particular revision.  My fault, I missed the unlabeled icon as a clickable link.