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8 years ago
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Action Items screen doesn't sort in Collaborator

I can't tell there is any kind of sort to the Action Items Screen and when I sort it manually and select an item and then go back to the Action Items screen, I have to resort it again. Can there be a way to configure it to sort on a particular column or at least remember what the last sort was?


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    Well, I half Kudos.  J


    You can easily sort by clicking on any heading  (Review, Progress, Author, etc).   It sorts and you get a nice triangle showing up.  Obvious what you’re sorting on.


    Trouble, as richard724 points out, is when you go into a review then return to the Home/action screen.   The triangle is still next to the heading you last sorted on, but the list itself always returns to sorting by Progress.    You should either maintain the last sort order, or get rid of the triangle if you’re going to re-sort by progress order.  


    Actually, if you’ve never sorted, the screen should have a triangle by Progress to let people know that’s how you’ve sorted it.   And if you want to return to sort by progress when the home key is pressed, then take the triangle off of my old sort and return it to the Progress header.

  • My Collaborator (desktop client) version is: v10.1.10100.  

    Action Items screen does not keep the sorting.  

    1. When I enter that screen, nothing is sorted. The "triangle" (sorting ICON in the column header) landed at the "My Role" column but the rows are not sorted accordingly.  It looks like the rows are in random order.
    2. I hit the triangle and the rows are sorted. 
    3. I select one row to enter the "Review" screen.
    4. I hit Home or the "Back Arrow" to return to the Action Items screen.  The triangle is at "My Role" but the rows are not sorted.  I am back to the same state as in step 1.

    Is there any setting I can use to fix this?