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8 years ago
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Ability to mass suppress/enable notifications

It would be great if there was the ability to mass suppress/enable notifications instead of one by one.




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    Not sure what you mean by "one by one", and assuming you mean email notifications - if you want a user to disable all notifications, they have the option to do that in their settings (notifications tab, change notification level to "none").  If you want to disable notifications for all users, you can do that in the server settings, under email (set enable email notifications to "no").  I recall there are other requests in this forum for more customizable notifications as well.

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    Thanks MrDubya,


    I'm referring to the "Notification Templates" and regarding "one by one" I'm referring to the fact that I currently have to select each Notification Template one at a time and "suppress" that particular type of notification.  The End users only want a handful of the Notification Templates active so I had to go through each one to suppress them.  They just want some and not all notifications.