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8 years ago
New Idea

Option for "Last 30 Days"

I would like to be able to run a weekly scheduled report on our performance for the Last 30 Days, however currently Last 8 Days is the highest number of days available.  Can an option be added to show the last 30 days on scheduled reports?


Thank you.


  • Last 30 Days would allow a daily or weekly report to run that covers a larger history

    Would be good for SLAs as well

  • I think this would be handy as well. I regularly find myself looking to gather a month's worth of data mid-month. The options at that point are use the previous calendar month (2 week old data), use the current calendar month (half of the data), or to manually choose dates. Unlocking a 30 day timeframe as well as choosing the scheduling interval instead of locking it to the report timeframe would both be timesavers.